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From comprehensive editing, the copyright of your work, interior layout and design, creation of your book cover, ISBN, and filing of your published book with The Library of Congress — AR PRESS handles all of your publishing needs. Best of all, you retain 100% of your book rights and royalties. We take none.

Book Writing Mentorship

Be mentored by the founder of American Real Publishing, and the industry’s leading book-writing coach, Roger Brooks. His proprietary writing method will guide you to complete your book, from start to finish, in 90 days or less. Certain restrictions apply, so contact us today to see if you qualify.

Book Promotion

Our team of experts will setup a strategic marketing campaign to ensure and guarantee your book becomes a #1 Bestseller on Amazon. You’ll achieve the new title of “Bestselling Author” and receive the Amazon seal. Certain restrictions apply, so contact us today to see if you qualify.

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From Editing & Publishing Your Book to Everything In-Between

Ready to work with a Publisher who cares as much about your book as you do, and where you retain 100% of your rights and royalties?

Where, for the first time, you know you have a partner in your book project, who keeps you informed and involved until completion?

We hold your hand every step of the way to ensure your book is professionally written, edited, designed and promoted so you obtain BESTSELLER status.

Get Published by AR PRESS

Let Us Help You Achieve Your Publishing Goals

The Ultimate Business Tool

Use your book as the the ultimate business tool to share your knowledge and experience in your specific field of expertise. If marketed, your book will open doors to endless opportunities.

Your Bestselling Book is what you need to propel your business and your brand.

Share Your Story, Build a Legacy

No two people have the exact same story and therefore your unique life journey has every right to be told in your words and in your voice. Your story is what makes you the person you are and you should be proud to share it with others so they can benefit from your life experience.
Your story is your legacy once you transform it into something you can hand down. Let us help you bring your story to life in well-polished prose and vivid imagery, packaged into high-quality book products you will be proud of.

Create a Fiction Page Turner

Do you have a story of fiction that you’ve written and needs to be edited and published? or, has a story been brewing inside your mind that you need help getting out to the world. Let us help you take your book of fiction to the next level, so you can share it with the world and it can become a bestseller.

From Children’s Books to Novella’s or full-length Novels, AR will guide you to bring your story to life.

We Transform Today's Writers Into Bestselling Authors!

Schedule a call with our team so we can answer any questions regarding the editing and publishing process, or to promote your book so it can become a bestseller.

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It was an absolute pleasure to work with Roger and his team. They were highly professional, reliable and trustworthy. As a coach, Roger was able to not only hold me accountable but also asked me the right questions to get the clarity needed to map out my book as well as weave my personality, emotions and life experiences into the content of the book. Additionally, the package I chose ensured that Roger and his team handled everything related to editing, layout, design and publishing so that my sole focus was on writing. They were truly a writer’s dream!

I highly recommend Roger and his team to any first time author looking for book coaching and publishing services.

Sheba Wilson

Roger was very motivational through the process of writing my memoir. He gave me free range to express my thoughts and feelings through my writings. I look forward to future projects together.

Jetaun Dally

I’ve been working on my book for 20 years, but it was only because of the help of my mentor and friend, Roger Brooks that this book became possible. He is an incredible coach and mentor who has guided me every step of the way to make ensure my book gets out into the world in a way that helps anyone with their personal growth, happiness and success. My deepest thanks goes out to Roger for making my dream come true!

Ambreen Nadeem

American Real Publishing Company saved me time, money and stress. Publisher Roger Brooks, did exactly what he promised.

If tired of dashed expectations, signing 10 page contracts, promises not kept, loss of ownership and royalties, and watered down profit, sign up today. You will feel relief immediately__particularly new authors.
Roger and his staff open a welcoming door and you will know exactly what to expect and exactly what each step toward publishing costs.
I saved thousands having my book published by American Real Publishing. My near complete manuscript was professionally edited and lay-out was completed in 5-6 weeks. I learned a great deal from AR Publishing. You will too.

Joe Sheridan

Angel in the Cockpit

Working with American Real Publishing was an awesome experience. From the first fact finding phone call to the last day we published the book, this team was extremely helpful and caring. They made sure the entire process was seamless. I was a first time writer and wasn’t sure I even wanted to write a book. I had an idea in my mind and originally wanted someone else to do the writing. As the conversation went on it became clear I would enjoy the experience much more if I did the writing. I am so glad I did. Now that the book is published, it was one of the bay experiences of my life. I can proudly say I am a published author.

Steve Reiner

Leaders Created

Roger and his team guided me through the whole process. He calmed me down more than once. Roger and team made the publishing process very pleasurable and seamless. I became an Amazon Bestseller within 5 months. Forever grateful!

J.D. Rush

Ken & Barbie

Author's Spotlight

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide stellar quality and service, eliminate any frustration with the publishing process and to be honest, transparent and resourceful for our clients; wherever you may be in your writing journey.

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